Module 1 – Focus: Finding your Career Path

Are you wondering which job positions and titles best suit your personality and aspirations? This is the training for you!

Registration for CORE module 1 will open soon!

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This seminar will help you to:

  • Get an overview of the Life Sciences sector in the Benelux – what are the latest developments, which subsectors and companies are hiring and which talents are needed?
  • Learn which type of jobs are out there and what they entail – tasks, responsibilities, required education level, growth possibilities, you’ll get all the details! 
  • Gain insight into your own strengths & weaknesses – how to use your strengths, how to improve your weaknesses, what jobs align with your profile? 
  • Identify which characteristics and values are important to you in a career – are you looking for a collaborative environment or do you prefer individual successes, what about diversity of tasks, work-life balance and opportunities for growth? 
  • Identify the top 3 career paths suited for you – where can your strengths bring you the most success, which jobs align the most with your inspiration, we’ll work together on narrowing down your options. 
  • Create a personal development plan to reach your career goals

Whether you choose academia or industry, by the end of this training you will have a clear step-by-step plan of the actions you want to take next to kickstart your career.

"Very helpful in discovering some new insights of possible career paths"
"Very detailed overview of the types of position within this sector and what is required for these"
"Great: very informative and reflective"

 The live sessions on 10 June focused on, amongst other topics:

  • Overview of the Benelux Life Sciences sector
  • Career examples – Research / Policy / Commercial
  • Identifying your strengths & weaknesses, core values and work you enjoy
  • Match your profile with career paths

A detailed overview of the past programme can be found here. You will also find more information below about the speakers who joined us on 10 June 2020.


About Remco Jongkind
Programme Manager Education, Hyphen Projects

Remco’s aim is to help people move their careers forward by coordinating the Talent Accelerator Programme for BioBusiness at Hyphen Projects. Furthermore he is responsible for the Dutch labour market research of the Health and Life Science Academy, an EU funded consortium. This allows him to obtain a good overview of the current needs of employers. Besides his job at Hyphen Projects he also works as a lecturer at the faculty of medicine at the University of Amsterdam.

His background is in Biochemistry (Amsterdam University College) and Pharmacology (University of Oxford). His Life Science background allows him to relate to the problems faced by young professionals in finding their career paths. During his career he especially enjoyed helping others and teaching, e.g at the University of Amsterdam and Oxford.

Sofia Derossi

About Sofia Derossi
Policy officer NWO

A passion for science and languages led Sofia around the Northern hemisphere: after studying in Italy and Denmark, she obtained a PhD in the UK (if you wonder, that was about the spectroscopy of supramolecular assemblies). Two postdocs followed, starting in Canada and finally landing in Amsterdam. In her new hometown, Sofia eventually chose to step out of academia and explored the then-unknown-to-her world of subsidies: initially writing proposals for various organizations at a private company; later at a university, guiding researchers in their applications, and now at a national granting agency as a science policy advisor and programme coordinator.

Franziska MortensenAbout Franziska Mortensen
Scientist, Merus

Franziska currently works as a scientist in a biotech company. She gets a lot of energy from her job and is happy to have taken this path every day. It all started in Germany, where she studied ‘Applied Natural Sciences’. Her curiosity pushed me to continue with research for a while, and it helped her to receive her PhD in protein biochemistry in 2015. She moved to the Netherlands for a Postdoc position, and after a while realized that she wanted to proceed with research and development outside of academia. After some tough months of applications and interviews she found the position that was made for her. Her work as scientist demands a lot of flexibility and growth, and that makes it such an exciting career path.

Mark MizeeAbout Mark Mizee
Business developer neuroscience, KNAW

Mark considers himself a neuroscientist, communicator, consultant, project manager, and creative trouble-shooter. He is am a neuroscience business developer for the KNAW, embedded in Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA). To drive innovative research he is am looking for public and private research projects that can benefit from the expertise of the Netherlands Brain Bank and the Spinoza Centre for neuroimaging. Before starting this role one year ago he was an academic neuroscientist for 10 years, with a focus on glial cells and disease-related research into the molecular mechanisms underlying multiple sclerosis and major depressive disorder.
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