Academia track

The academia track has recently been set-up and currently features the course Grant Application. This course will teach you one of the, if not the most, vital aspect to succeed in science: How to write a successful grant application.

Since your career in academia at nearly every stage is largely determined by how successful you are in obtaining funding, this is a vital skill to learn. Unfortunately the amount of formal and informal training opportunities for this are often limited. Researchers are often trained in scientific writing, however this differs fundamentally from grant proposal writing.

For example when writing a grant proposal you have to elaborately address the relevance of your research and how it will benefit your field whereas this is only a minor part in a scientific paper. Furthermore you will have to determine a “hot” and fundable research topic and make estimates regarding costs and time that a project will cost.

This course is aimed at PhD students, postdocs and starting group leaders.

In this course you will cover several aspects such as:
1. How to find the right funding opportunity out of the hundreds of funding options available.
2. How to determine and evaluate suitable topics for a successful grant application.
3. How to write an appealing grant summary to entice people to continue reading.
4. How to structure an application.
5. Tips and pointers to make your application successful.
6. Feedback from an experienced grant writer or evaluator on the most important aspect of your grant; the grant summary.

Speakers will include amongst others:
1. Seasoned professors with multi-million euro grants such as Vici’s, ERC Consolidator or Horizon 2020 grants.
2. Grant application consultants who have reviewed and supported hundreds of grants over their career.
3. Experience stories from early-stage researchers who just obtained successful funding themselves such as Veni’s, Marie-Curie fellowships or personal PhD grants.
4. Professionals from funding bodies such as NWO, Hartstichting or the EU to tell you about their perspective and views on successful grants.

Please contact Laura Hillege (  to sign up for the grant application course.

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