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Launch of TOPX, Platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences

blog_image:article_hyphen_1629190109611b77dd52e78.jpg:end_blog_imageAn interview with Haifen Hu, Director of Hyphen Projects, about the launch of TOPX, its origin story, benefits and plans for the future.

TOPX First year membership kick-off

Women make up a large part of the workforce and talent pool of companies, organizations and academia in the Life Sciences sector. And yet there are few women in leading positions in the higher management layers or at the top of the organisations. However, diversity and inclusion contribute positively to the performance of a company or organization. Hyphen Projects has therefore launched TOPX Network; a platform that supports and connects ambitious women in Life Sciences.

TOPX Network aims to create a unique and valuable network for ambitious women in Life Sciences in the Benelux. Haifen Hu, CEO of Hyphen Projects, said: “Our mission is to support and encourage women in the industry in their personal growth and development. To this end, TOPX provides a platform for inspiring, strong and successful women and brings together women with leadership, management or entrepreneurial roles or ambitions in industry and academia in Life Sciences.”

TOPX Network offers low-threshold access to a strong network

TOPX Network is accessible to women at every stage of their career: from juniors to executives. “This mix of experience is precisely the strength of the network: young women can learn from role models and experienced women can make valuable connections and also have an impact on the development of the next generation.” Members are informed monthly about activities and news via a newsletter and can also share vacancies with each other. Every year, six online free network meetings are organized for members, each with its own theme. Members can also find each other outside the meetings via the TOPX Platform; an online environment for members. Incidentally, non-members can also register for individual TOPX network meetings.

With TOPX Summit as highlight

The highlight of the year for TOPX is on September 22 and 23, 2021. Then the first TOPX Summit will take place in Leiden, a two-day program aimed at personal development and empowerment of female talent, as well as promoting more inclusiveness and diversity at the top. of the LSH sector. A variety of topics are covered, such as the power of female leadership, the truths and falsehoods about the glass ceiling, the impact of bias in the recruitment process, the value of mentoring, the way to the boardroom, and much more. The TOPX Summit is open to both members and non-members, both women and men. Haifen explains: “The road to greater diversity and inclusion is a joint route, for which the contribution of men in the sector is essential.”

TOPX Members about TOPX:

"I joined TOPX Network early this year and did not regret the decision for a minute! Each event that I attended gave me lots of inspiration and energy. It would be a real pleasure to meet other ambitious women from my personal network next time."
Vanessa Parrein, Managing Director Sillar Clinical

"I am very pleased and excited to be part of this platform, that allows me to connect to woman that I regard as my role models. I am at the start of my career and this network event gave me an incredible insight to future career possibilities. It left m"e with numerous new network-connections and I finally felt like I was taking the first steps in finding answers to my many questions!"
Manon van den Berg, PhD student

"Inspiring, nourishing, propelling - that's what I feel the TOPX network is for me."
Barbara Brunnhuber, CEO MIRECA MEDICINES GmbH

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