Career path - Junior Product Specialist

Kim Sollie

Kim Sollie

Job title: Junior Product Specialist
Company: Pop Vriend Seeds 
Time in this position: 2 months
Highest level of education: master’s degree in Plant Sciences

Pop Vriend Seeds is one of the few independent seed breeding companies in the Netherlands. We export our vegetable seeds to over 100 countries worldwide, including the United States, France, China and Russia. Our headquarters is located in Andijk, in the heart of Seed Valley, the Netherlands.
I just started working as a Junior Production Specialist. What I really love about my job is the diversity. I’m working in the field and greenhouse, but I also grab a cup of coffee and stay in the office behind my laptop. And guess what? The second day of my job I already hopped into an airliner to New Zealand. I travel a lot and do field inspections at production locations. For instance, I just returned from carrot screening in California. The advantage of working in a small company is that it makes it easier to see the results of your work in developing new products.

How did you encounter this job?
Application for a vacancy on the website.


Can you tell a little bit about the application process you went through?
Sending a letter, followed by two job interviews (first and second round).

What was challenging for you when you started in this position?
Getting to know all the different departments in the company (from R&D to Commercial to Supply Chain) and learning how production and breeding works in all the different crops.

What are your tips for job seekers?
- Try to get working experience in the field of agriculture. It can make a difference when applying for jobs!
- Know what you like to do and try to find something that fits your interests.
- Dare to do something that may be out of your comfort zone.
- If you know someone at the company you are interested in, then contact him/her. This also helped me get my job!

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