Career paths in Life Sciences

On this page you can find a collection of career paths in Life Sciences. You can use these informational interviews to orient on the different jobs available.
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Careers outside research

The following careerpaths are from professionals who don't work in research (anymore). Read their profiles to learn more about their activities such as consulting, business development and more.

Associate Director Clinical Operations, Covance/Chiltern
"I have had several Clinical Research roles within pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organisations over the past 17 years."


Business Developer, DutchDNA
"As a business developer my responsibility was to investigate the opportunity of using a filamentous fungus for the production of pharmaceutical compounds."


Consultant Industrial Safety, Sweco
"My role is to give advice and support performing risk studies on different topics, for example: process safety, explosion safety and human safety."


Crop Breeding Manager Tomato, Enza Zaden
"I work as Crop Breeding Manager – Tomato for Enza Zaden, I started out as a plant breeder, but now my responabilities also include Managing, Coaching, and Motivating a group of (international) breeders."


Junior Product Specialist, Pop Vriend Seeds
"What I really love about my job is the diversity. I’m working in the field and greenhouse, but I also grab a cup of coffee and stay in the office behind my laptop."


Manager Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance, MyTomorrows
"My main responsibility is to inform the medical community on the local regulations which make it possible to treat patients with unregistered medicine and arrange the authority (e.g. ministry of health) approvals for patients. When treatments starts I ensure that the safety of patients are monitored."


Medical Scientific Liaison – IBD, Takeda Netherlands
"I collaborate closely with stakeholders (doctors and researchers) supporting research, medical education and the correct use of our innovative products. I enjoy the freedom this role has and the added value I can bring to doctors, researchers and patients as well as colleagues."


Pharmaceutical Specialist, MSD Haarlem
"My main responsibility is in between the quality department and operations. How can we implement all the ‘difficult’ rules as efficiently as possible and stick to them and what needs to be done when we deviated from the rules."


Regulatory Affairs Consultant, ProPharma Group
"Together with colleagues, I support the client with writing part of the marketing authorization application."

Regulatory Consultant
, Zwiers Consultancy


Careers in research

The following career paths are from scientists who decided to focus their careers on research, both in academia and industry. Read on to learn more about the various positions and how people got where they are today.

Associate Scientist, ChemConnection
"My main responsibility as an associate scientist is doing research, what I focus on is developing routes towards batches of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (small molecules) and their production."


Laboratory Manager, Amsterdam Medical Center
"I am laboratory manager for AMC medical research. What I like about my job is being able to help people with day to day lab problems while still doing experiments myself."


Senior Researcher, FrieslandCampina
"I work for FrieslandCampina, as a senior scientist. I have been in this function for 7 years."


PhD Candidate, Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
"As a PhD candidate my main responsibility is establishing and further developing my own project, which should lead to the publication of multiple papers within four years."


Postdoctoral Researcher, Hubrecht Institute
"As a postdoc researcher, I am exploring newly developed single-cell sequencing data sets to understand how DNA is organised in a cell."


Project Leader, CSK food enrichment (career paths from two project leaders)
"My main responsibility is to manage fundamental and applied research projects in my field of expertise."

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