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Waterpoortstraat 2
8900 IEPER

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Kim Bruneel


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Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food, Pharma

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CID LINES, established in 1988, is a Belgian company. From day one CID LINES aims to be an established value when it comes to innovative hygiene solutions. We do this by offering complete product ranges, integrated solutions and know-how combined with technical advice. We strive to implement those by having a proactive customer service at the most cost effective price.

Company activities:

Our mission is to guarantee safe food from farm to fork by offering innovative hygiene solutions throughout the complete food chain. CID LINES develops and produces hygiene products such as cleaners, disinfectants and medicines for veterinary use, for the transport industry and for the food processing industry. We facilitate our products through implementing concepts that prevent contamination of diseases on animals and humans.

We are looking for

National and international sales profiles, Regulatory affairs officers, Mixing & filling operators, doctors, masters and bachelors in biotechnology, veterinary sciences,… .

What we have to offer

The difference between CID LINES and other companies in the chemical industry is that CID LINES always think about the personal relationship with all their stakeholders.

CID LINES ensures satisfied customers throughout the company by working customer oriented in all processes. We stand by our customers through constant research, fine tuning hygienic technology and personalised advice in biosecurity management.

Our founding fathers took big steps by creating new products, establishing new and foreign subsidiaries, becoming worldwide,… . To guarantee entrepreneurship in the entire company and to stimulate a constant entrepreneurial spirit, we want to incorporate this attitude into CID LINES.
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