Module 2 – Focus: Job Search & Application

Looking for advice & tips for searching and applying for jobs in the corona era? This is the training for you!

Registration for CORE module 2 will open soon!

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From this online course you will gain:

  • An overview of the job application process and where to find jobs
  • Insights in how to use online networking to get hired
  • Advice & tips on creating a convincing CV, cover letter and Linkedin profile  
  • Personal feedback from experienced recruiters on your CV and (practice) cover letter
  • Advice & tips for (online) interviews
  • The opportunity to conduct a practice interview with an experienced recruiter following the course and receive feedback

After this seminar you will be ready to apply for new job openings with an outstanding CV and cover letter. With tips from our experts, you will be prepared for your upcoming (online) interviews and ready to obtain your dream job.

"Beneficial and practical workshop which helps to improve errors that you repeated in all past applications and that you can avoid now."
"The practice interview with was very useful to edit my cv and motivation letter."
"Thanks a lot for the webinar! I think it was very useful and I am sending now the applications differently than I used to."

The training will take place live on 9 June 2021. In total, the seminar covers 15 hours of content: pre-webinar and follow-up course material will be shared with participants to ensure a complete approach to their job search and job application preparation.

The live sessions will focus on, amongst others:

  • How to find job openings
  • Overview of the job application process  
  • Online networking during Corona times 
  • Creating a convincing CV 
  • Make your LinkedIn profile stand out  
  • Writing a successful cover letter 
  • Advice and tips for (online) interviews 

A detailed overview of the programme can be found here. You will also find more information below about the speakers who joined us during the past module, on 26 August 2020.

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About Remco Jongkind
Programme Manager Education, Hyphen Projects

Remco’s aim is to help people move their careers forward by coordinating the Talent Accelerator Programme for BioBusiness at Hyphen Projects. Furthermore he is responsible for the Dutch labour market research of the Health and Life Science Academy, an EU funded consortium. This allows him to obtain a good overview of the current needs of employers. Besides his job at Hyphen Projects he also works as a lecturer at the faculty of medicine at the University of Amsterdam.

His background is in Biochemistry (Amsterdam University College) and Pharmacology (University of Oxford). His Life Science background allows him to relate to the problems faced by young professionals in finding their career paths. During his career he especially enjoyed helping others and teaching, e.g at the University of Amsterdam and Oxford.

Sanbreeta Moitra

About Sangbreeta Moitra
Communication & Human behaviour specialist | TEDx awarded speaker

Named among top 10 European keynote speakers of 2019, Sangbreeta Moitra is a TEDx award-winning keynote speaker and global strategist on a mission to transform the future of work, through mind-hacking human behaviour, rewiring our innovative brain, transforming our peak performance and creating phenomenal customer relationships, that puts people first in this tech-driven age.

Sangbreeta’s trusted clients include Booking.Com, Ernst & Young, Orange and Shell. Named as top 400 most inspiring women in The Netherlands by the VIVA Magazine, Sangbreeta has won the coveted TEDx award for her talk ‘Transform Your Presence’ and is an international champion in public speaking. Based in Amsterdam, she has been featured in The Huffington Post and The Financial Express.

Marjolein van VlietAbout Marjolein van Vliet
Early Talent Recruiter, MSD

Marjolein is a Life Sciences recruiter with extensive experience in hiring and interviewing candidates, both at the recruitment agency side and at a large pharma company (MSD). Currently she is responsible for the Early Talent Recruitment and internship programme at MSD Benelux (100+ interns, MBO-PhD).

Jurjen Wilschut

About Jurjen Wilschut
Recruiter Life Science and Chemistry, CheckMark

After finishing his Master in Life Science and Technology, Jurjen started working as a professional recruiter at CheckMark Labrecruitment in March 2019. CheckMark Labrecruitment is a renowned specialized recruitment agency in Chemistry and Life Sciences that supplies high-quality personnel to mayor companies in this industry. As a recruiter he uses his laboratory background and knowledge of the market to coach and mediate people to new career opportunities.

Expert Recruiters

Liset Jansen

About Liset Jansen
BIRD Recruitment
BIRD Recruitment offers personnel services within the Life Sciences and Chemistry sector for over 20 years. Our recruiters work directly with both candidates as well as with our clients.
Liset, one of our recruiters, has a background in Life Sciences and Biotechnology. After her studies she decided to combine her technical background with communication and social skills. She enjoys bringing the right people together, as a recruiter Life Sciences and Chemistry. Her background in Life Sciences enables her to understand both the candidate and client side. Liset enjoys helping both starters as well as well-experienced professionals with the next step of their career.

Liset Jansen will use her experience and understanding of the sector during the practice interviews (limited availability) taking place after the CORE webinar on 26 August.

Sari Steenhauer

About Sari Steenhauer
Senior Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences, KELLY

Sari Steenhauer is senior Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences at Kelly Services. After a career in scientific research she switched to the pharmaceutical industry, where she performed several commercial positions during a decade. Nine years ago, Sari made the move to staffing and recruiting being involved in a great variety of roles within Life Sciences. Because of her big network and background, she can relate to her customers and to her candidates. Her biggest satisfaction is finding the right match between them and create a long-lasting relationship because of her personal approach. With her out of the box view Sari likes to advice and guide Life Sciences talents throughout their professional career.

Sari Steenhauer will use her experience and understanding of the sector during the practice interviews (limited availability) taking place after the CORE webinar on 26 August.

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