Module 3 – Focus: Personal Effectiveness & Succeeding in Industry

In academia you learn many diverse skills and become a content matter expert.
However working in industry requires an additional range of skills that you often don’t learn in the academic arena such as effective email communication, leading and influencing meetings, leading a project with multiple people involved, personal leadership and result/process oriented thinking.
This live online course will guide you through this list of essential skills that will make you more effective in your first industry job.


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Registration closes on 28 October, but spots are limited to encourage interactivity.

Tuition fee: €175
This fee includes access to the programme, interactive sessions, and course materials.
This course can be financed from your available personal budget: universities and companies value the growth and development of their employees and thus offer them development opportunities.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively & efficiently via email – how do you make sure you get your message across, what do you expect from the recipent and by when: with COVID-19, efficient email communication is more important than ever.
  • Get advice on how to adopt a result and process oriented mindset – in sciences, results tend to take some time before they are visible, but in industry your manager will quickly ask you what the results of your newest project are. We'll ensure you get the tools to adopt a result-oriented mindset and always know how to share the status of your projects with the rest of the business.
  • Work on your personal leadership – set your own priorities, make the right choices, dare to be vulnerable and learn to be a better version of yourself. In this session you will touch upon mindset, emotional intelligence and how to better communicate about your own wishes and feelings in the corporate world.
  • Learn how to lead and influence meetings – when you start a new project, you want buy-in from your colleagues and managers, getting them on board with your vision is a core skill to be successful.
  • Receive tips for leading a project with multiple people involved – how do you get people enthusiastic about your project, how do you divide responsibilities and decide on timelines, and how do you make everyone accountable for their tasks?
  • Get advice on how to ask for a promotion – we've given you the tools but how do you get to your next step? We'll briefly give you tips and tricks on how to make your work noticeable, stand out of the crowd, and ensure your manager puts you on the list of the "ones to watch" when it comes to gaining in responsibilities.

This online training will help you improve your personal effectiveness and thus ensure a successful career start in industry!

The live sessions will take place on 4 November and you will be asked to complete preparatory work before the start of the module as well as after the training. In total the course covers approximately 15 hours of content.

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