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Hyphen Projects dedicates itself to support students and (young) professionals in the Life Sciences sector throughout their entire career. To this aim we offer courses targeted at all different stages of one’s career to develop professionally and propel their career forward. We are staunch proponents and advocates of lifelong learning!

Often, our courses can be financed fully or partly from the personal budget that universities or companies have available for the development of their employees.

BioBusiness track

Our BioBusiness track offers introductory courses such as BioBusiness Summer School and BioBusiness Winter Retreat, and the more advanced courses of the Business Development Programme.

BioBusiness Summer School

A five-day course giving MSc students, PhD students, postdocs and young professionals more insight in the business aspects of Life Sciences and their career possibilities outside academia.

BioBusiness Winter Retreat

A three-day course to help PhD students, postdocs and (young) professionals reflect on the developments in the fast-changing Life Sciences industry and their place in it.

Business Development Course

A two-day course for junior to mid-level BD professionals to expand their knowledge on the BD process and strengthen their BD competences.

Global Scale-up - US Tour

Mentoring program for Life Science companies who are looking to scale-up their business.

Global Investor Forum

Program for Life Sciences companies who are looking for funding for their business.


Academia track





Our academia track has been set-up and currently features the BCF Course Grant Application.

Grant Application course

A two-day course where PhD students, postdocs or young group leaders learn how to write a winning grant application.


Contact courses

Do you lack knowledge or skills that are not sufficiently highlighted during your study or job? Or do you have additional questions about the above mentioned courses? Contact our Programme Manager Education.

Remco Jongkind
+31(0)35 303 0343

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