Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not answered on this page? Then you can contact the organisation via info@bcfcareerevent.be.

For whom is BCF Career Event?

BCF Career Event is organised for everyone who is active or wants to be active in the sectors Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food and Pharma. Via this event (TSE, PhD, MSc and BSc)-students, postdocs and (young) professionals can get in contact with relevant employers, educational institutes and recruitment offices. Click here for more information about the target group.

How much does entry for job-seekers cost?

The event is free for job-seekers who register online.

How do I register as a visitor?

You can go to this page to register as a visitor.

Why should I upload my CV?

If you are looking for a new job and you would like to be found by employers who participate at BCF Career Event, you should upload your CV on BCF Career. Not only can employers participating in the online event find your CV in the database afterwards, but also other companies not attending the event will be able to find you.

Until when can I register as a visitor?

Since it is an online event, you can register until the day itself. However, as the online event portal will open a week before the event, we advise you to register before 4 november. By doing so, exhibitors and attendees can already browse and pre-schedule meetings with one another.

I did not receive the confirmation email, what shall I do?

To make sure your confirmation email does not end up in your spam filter, we advice you to add us to your address list (info@bcfcareerevent.be). If you haven't received a confirmation email it does not necessarily mean you are not registered. To be sure, you can also contact the organisation via info@bcfcareerevent.be.

When will I receive my entrance ticket?

As it is an online event, you do not need an entrance ticket! After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. About a week before the event, you will receive practical instructions and your login details to be able to enter the online event portal.

Which organisations will be present?

On this page you can find an overview of all organisations that participated during BCF Career Event 2019. The participating organisations for the 2020 edition will be announced soon.

Which presentions & workshops can I attend?

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the programme for BCF Career Event Belgium will be slightly different from previous editions. The programme will be announced soon.

Should I register in advance for presentations and workshops?

No, this is not necessary. You can decide on the day which sessions you will attend and there is no limit set for online attendees.

How can I best prepare as a visitor?

As the online event portal will open about a week before the event, you can search through the exhibitors a few days before the event. You can decide up front which employers you want to speak to and check what vacancies they have, determine which sessions or workshops you definitely want to attend and schedule meetings around these timeslots.
Can you introduce yourself in 1 minute? Make sure you can present yourself and explain what you are looking for in a 1 minute speech. In this way it’s easier to give a clear answer if a recruiter asks about your background and specialisations.
Within the online event portal, there are severel ways to improve your visibility: upload a profile picture, a short intro about yourself, connect your LinkedIn account etc.! A detailed manual with practical information will follow.

How do I unsubscribe as a visitor?

You can unsubscribe from BCF Career Event 2020 by sending an e-mail to info@bcfcareerevent.be.

At what time should I be online?

The online event portal will be open from 9.00h until 17.030h.
A detailed timeline for the programme will be available.
Please note that exhibitors are not required (though advised) to be present at their online stand during the whole day.

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