Instructions on how to use our services

Here you can find step-by-step instructions on how to use the different services we offer. For prices and orders, please visit our webshop.

More questions? Feel free to contact us via info[at], via the contact form or by phone: +31(0)35 303 0013.

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Job posting



Vacancy postings

How to upload a vacancy

1. Log in with your account.

2. If you already have credits in your account, you can place vacancies immediately (see step 3). You need 1 credit per vacancy.
If you don't have any credits yet, please order credits via our webshop. It is important that you buy credits before uploading any text for a vacancy. In case you upload text without having enough credits, your vacancy will not be saved! You can order single credits (product "job posting") or order a package of 5, 10 or 25 credits. You can pay immediately using iDeal or credit card or choose to receive an invoice. In all cases the credits will become available immediately.

3. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the page "My account". In this menu, please select the option "Add vacancy". Here you can name your vacancy and fill out your vacancy text in the six text areas. At the bottom of the form you can fill in 5 so-called "match criteria". Job seekers use these to narrow their search results. It is therefore important that you fill them in correctly.

4. Click "Save" to continue. In the next screen you will be asked to confirm 1 credit will be subtracted from your account. After you click on accept, you will have the choice to publish you vacancy immediately or save for later publication. Saved vacancies can be found in the job list. (After saving it can take a few moments for the vacancy to appear in that list.)

5. Published vacancies will immediately be visible in the vacancy list.

6. Published vacancies will be added to the job alerts once if the match criteria of your vacancy match the criteria the job seeker entered when subscribing to the job alert. Job seekers can choose whether they want to receive an alert daily, weekly or monthly. Different users will therefore receive the e-mail with your vacancy at different times.

7. Published vacancies will stay online for two months. If you wish to publish for a shorter period, let us know at info[at]


How to upgrade your vacancy to a spotlight position

1. Follow the steps 1-7 above on how to upload your vacancy.
If you already have credits or bought a package, you can upgrade a regular vacancy to a spotlight position for 1 extra credit. You can also buy a spotlight vacancy directly in the webshop.

2. Send an email to info[at] to request an upgrade and include the link of your vacancy on our website. The upgrade can only be done manually by us, not via your account.


How to include your vacancy on our physical job wall

1. Have a look at this page to see which events we will have a job wall. If you don't have any vacancy credits yet, order them in the webshop.

2. Publish your vacancies on (see also "Vacancy postings").

3. Send an email with the link of the vacancies you would like to have on the job wall to info[at] (max. 5). We will take care of the rest!


How to search our database

1. Log in with your account.

2. If you already have CV-database access, you can continue with step 4. If not, you can order access to the CV-database via our webshop. If you are only looking for a single candidate, you can order 2 months access. If you are looking for candidates regularly, you can order a subscription for a year. You can also choose to order database access as an upgrade to your job posting. Your access will then be synchronised to the publication of the vacancy.
Before you decide whether or not you want access to the CV-database, you can see how many candidates there are in the database that fit your desired profile. You can access the database without names and contact details via this page.

3. After placing the order the access has to be approved by a team member of BCF Career. This manual check ensures the privacy of the personal data in the database. You will receive an e-mail when the access is granted. If you do not wish to start your access immediately after your order, please let us know via info[at]

4. When your access is activated, you can go to your account and review the database through the "Search" option and narrow down your search from there.

5. Do you want to receive a message when new CVs that fit your criteria have been uploaded? Below the list of CVs you can click "store query" and determine how often you wish to receive an email.


How to add an employer profile

1. Log in with your account.

2. Purchase a company profile with a package for one of our events, or via our webshop. We will then connect your account to a company profile and add your company to this list. Profiles stay online for 12 months. See here for an example.

3. In the menu of your account, go to "company profile". You will be redirect to a form, where you can upload your logo and subsequently information such as contact details, information about your company etc. At the end of each subsection, hit "save changes".

4. Your profile will also be printed in the next BCF Career Guide. You can choose if you want to be in the Dutch or the Belgium edition.


How to post an advert on BCF Career

1. If you have an advert in your package or already purchased it, continue with step 2. Otherwise, go to advert in our webshop.

2. Send an email to info[at] with the following information:
> your advert (high-resolution jpeg), size: 588x222 pixels;
> the month in which you want your advert to be online (it will stay online for 30 days);
> link to the webpage of your choice.

How to become a Spotlight employer

1. Become a spotlight employer! Purchase the product in our webshop. If already purchased or included in your package, go to step 2.

2. Send an email to info[at] with the following information:
> your logo
> link to your website
> a slogan or phrase you want to put below your logo.

How to include your banner in the job alert

1. If you have a banner in your package or already purchased it, go to step 2. Otherwise use our webshop to make an order for your banner in the job alert.

2. Send an email to info[at] with your logo and the month in which you want your logo to be included. The options you have are:


your logo + URL

Please send us your logo as high resolution jpeg and we will re-size it for the job alert.

your banner + URL, top position

Please send us your banner with the measurements 425x90.

your banner + URL, bottom position

Please send us your banner with the measurements 425x90.

your banner + URL, right position

Please send us your banner with the measurements 165x200.



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