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In the CV-database of BCF Career 9,000 CVs are listed of job seekers with a specialised education and experience. Do you often look for candidates? Then order a year's subscription via the webshop. You can also order 2 months access.

Facts & figures
> 9,000+ CVs
> access including contact details
> contact interesting candidates directly
> no extra fee if you hire a candidate


Please find below the step-by-step instructions on how to search within our database.

How to search in our database

1. Login if you already have an account or create a new account here first and then log on.

2. If you already have database access, you can continue with step 4. If not, you can order access to the database via our webshop. If you are only looking for a single candidate, then you can order 2 months access. If you are looking for candidates regularly, you can order a subscription for a year. You can also choose to order database access as upgrade to your job posting. Your access will then be synchronised to the publication of the vacancy.
Before you decide whether or not you want access to the CV-database, you can see how many candidates there are in the database that fit your desired profile. You can access the database without names and contact details via this page.

3. After placing the order the access has to be approved by an employee of BCF Career by hand. This manual check ensures the privacy of the personal data in the database. You will receive an e-mail when the access is granted. If you do not wish to start your access immediately after your order, please make this known through info[at]

4. When your access is activated, you can go to your account and review the database through the "Search" option and narrow your search from there.

5. Do you want to receive a message when new CVs have been uploaded that fit your criteria? Below the list of CVs you can click "store query" and determine how often you wish to receive an e-mail.

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