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Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Pharma

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Galapagos’ mission is to develop first-in-class medicines based on the discovery of novel targets. Using human primary cells and patient cells, the company discovers which proteins (‘targets’) play a key role in causing diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and fibrosis. Galapagos aims to develop small molecules that inhibit these targets, restore the balance and thereby positively influence the course of the disease. Galapagos’ ambition is to make a lasting positive contribution to society through discovery of breakthrough therapies for diseases with large unmet medical need.

We are looking for

We’re looking for people who want to dig deep in order to achieve something bigger. People who feel success is not all about a job title, but a result of working together on something far bigger. Something that lasts. Something that changes lives. At Galapagos, we pursue medical breakthroughs. We won’t use need words or empty promises for that. Because we create value through science. Not through advertising. That’s why we’re looking for people who want to play a crucial role in something vital: developing life-changing medicines and delivering them to the people who need them most. Pioneers, with resolve and determination. People who read this all the way to the end. People who want to raise the bar and make it happen.

What we have to offer

The employees are the strength behind Galapagos. They form a highly motivated team, eager to maintain Galapagos’ leading position and achieve breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research. Besides a competitive remuneration package, Galapagos offers you a dynamic, enthusiastic work environment that maximizes your potential. We are Galapagos : together we can make it happen!
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