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European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

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Brenda Stride


predocs@embl.de; postdocs@embl.org

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Number of employees

1,800 across 6 sites

Active in sectors

Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry

Type of organisation

Research Institute

General company profile

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is a center of excellence for basic research in the Life Sciences. The laboratory is funded by public research monies from its member states and operates across 6 sites in 5 countries in Europe (Heidelberg and Hamburg, Germany; Hinxton, UK; Grenoble, France; Rome, Italy; Barcelona, Spain).

Company activities:

Research at EMBL is conducted by 80+ independent groups covering the spectrum of molecular biology. The Laboratory has six sites: the headquarters in Heidelberg, and sites in Hinxton near Cambridge (the European Bioinformatics Institute), Grenoble, Hamburg, and Rome. EMBL is international, innovative and interdisciplinary. Its 1,800 employees from 80 nations represent scientific disciplines including biology, physics, chemistry and computer science.

We are looking for

We offer a wide range of challenging scientific and non-scientific positions at all of our European
locations and encourage applications from international candidates at all career levels.

EMBL’s recruitment portal, www.embl.de/aboutus/jobs/index.php
EMBL International PhD Programme, www.embl.de/training/eipp/index.html
EMBL Postdoctoral Programme, www.embl.de/training/postdocs/index.html
Undergraduate pages of EMBL, www.embl.de/training/undergraduates/index.html
Visitors and Scholars, www.embl.de/training/visitor-programme/visitor-categories/index.html

What we have to offer

EMBL was set up in order to promote molecular biology across Europe, and to provide an attractive alternative to the United States as a workplace for Europe’s leading young molecular biologists.

The cornerstones of EMBL’s mission are to:
- perform basic research in molecular biology;
- train scientists, students and visitors at all levels;
- offer vital services to scientists in the member states;
- develop new instruments and methods;
- actively engage in technology transfer;
- and to integrate European life science research.

For full details please check our webpage: www.embl.org
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