DPS Group Global - Belgium

DPS Group Global - Belgium

Name organisation

DPS Engineering Nv


Schaliënhoevedreef 20H
2800 Mechelen

Name contactperson

Hans Vandermeulen



Phone number

+32(0)15 281 910

Number of locations:




Number of employees


Active in sectors

Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food, Pharma

Type of organisation


General company profile

DPS is different
Clients trust DPS to engineer a difference. We are an innovative and entrepreneurial project management and engineering company that puts your interests first, with a great emphasis on people before process.

We have been serving industry around the world for 44 years, relied on for our agility, original thinking, sound judgement and high-calibre people. We have one goal: To deliver more than you expect first time, every time.

What sets us apart?
Structure and process play their part in engineering but at DPS we think business is personal. To us, working as partners with you is where everything starts and ends.

We create solutions to fit your business
Why does DPS place such as emphasis on being partners and not only a service provider?

Simple. We don’t impose standard, off-the-shelf solutions and put you in a box that says you are small, medium or large. That’s the easy way out. We give you the solution that is only right for you. How we act makes the difference, because at the heart of our partnerships is trust, your trust in our ability to deliver.

DPS engineering exists out of two sections:
1. Operations: At DPS, we believe in the power of design to benefit society. For over four decades, we have been designing, building, commissioning and qualifying technically complex process manufacturing facilities that turn innovations into life-saving and life-enhancing products.

2. Contract Services: The contract services operation is the main European resourcing department of the company, delivering suitably qualified candidates from its industry dedicated database.

Think of us as the kind of trusted advisor who is fast on its feet, flexible to adapt to change and delivers on our promises.

Company activities:

People who deliver more
We choose our people carefully. They need to demonstrate leadership, agility, original thinking and prove their integrity. At DPS they learn to ask the right questions and earn, and re-earn, their reputation with clients. Close collaboration and our passion to exceed expectations help us to deliver more value at every stage of the project’s lifecycle.

We recognise that what works today may not be right tomorrow. Our clients’ needs continue to change so we will change with them. For us, great partnerships never stand still but always strive to deliver more together.

We are engineers without borders
Your needs drive our business, so we offer every management and engineering service you need globally and locally. Our sector expertise spans many markets including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technologies, oil and gas, advanced technology, food & beverage, energy and science & education.
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