Winclove Probiotics

Winclove Probiotics

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G.L. van Wel


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+31(0)20 435 0235


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Bio/Life Sciences, Food

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General company profile

Winclove B.V. Probiotics, established in Amsterdam, is specializing for over 20 years in research, development and production of probiotic food supplements. We closely collaborate with business partners, research institutes and university hospitals to create the most effective probiotic solution. Winclove’s probiotics can be found all over the world. We offer clients high-quality probiotics which can be marketed under private label. In addition, Winclove provides in-house know-how and sales support.

Company activities:

Winclove B.V. is the producer and developer of evidence-based probiotic food supplements. We develop broad spectrum tailor-made probiotics and are the owner of the probiotic product line Ecologic. Our Ecologic probiotics are developed for specific applications; prevention of allergy, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, travelers’ diarrhea, constipation and inflammatory bowel disease.

We are looking for

Winclove B.V. is a family business located in Amsterdam with 70 employees. Winclove is growing company and therefore we would like to come in contact with talented individuals for challenging roles in our organization. We have positions for candidates with a life sciences education and /or relevant international (sales) working experience, who are motivated to work in informal environment with opportunities for personal development.

What we have to offer

Winclove offers you a dynamic and enthusiastic working environment in an informal setting that promotes creativity and self-management. We value our open, accessible corporate culture with few organizational layers. We offer a good package of employee benefits and our consistent growth gives you the opportunity to develop your expertise and talent. If you are interested in working for Winclove, please mail or call our HR department for an up-to date overview of our current job positions.
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