Why you should have downloaded the app


During BCF Career Event 2018 you could make use of the Netwerkapp. This useful app allowed you to create your own programme by selecting sessions. You could also check out the list of exhibitors, and an interactive floorplan!

Read on for more information on how you could download the app and adjust the privacy settings and remove yourself from the participants list.

How to download the app

Please find below step by step how to get started with our app!

1. Go to with your mobile phone to install the app, or search for 'Netwerkapp' in your Playstore/ App Store.

2. Register via LinkedIn or create an account.

3. Click on 'NEW CODE' and uste the event code 'BCF2018' to get into the BCF Career Event environment.

Privacy settings

You can also use the Netwerkapp functionality without your profile showing up in the 'participants' list.
Read here how to adjust your privacy settings.

1. Open Netwerkapp and click on ‘my profile’ at the top right of the page.

2. Select 'Privacy settings'.

3. Uncheck the box ‘I am visible’ and ‘I am available for chats’.
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