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BCFjobs is the specialised vacancy page for Life Sciences. Did you know that recruiters often search the BCF Career database for interesting candidates? Recruitment agencies such as CLS Services, Balans, and organisations like Roche, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Galapagos, Genmab and Pfizer all make use of BCF Career to fill their vacancies. Do you need more reasons to upload your CV to our database.

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How to write the best CV

You can read this article  about job applications, and have a look at the example CV.

*** Deadline for CV-card - 23 SEPTEMBER before 12.00 hrs ***

At BCF Career Event on 30 September you will receive a unique card which exhibitors can scan. This way, your CV shows directly on their laptop. This makes your visit really valuable and it also saves time for companies. It is so super easy, all you have to do, is upload your CV before 12.00 hrs on 23 September.

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