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Vergroot je inzichten in BioBusiness
Ben je een promovendus, postdoc of (jonge) professional die graag meer wil weten over de trends en ontwikkelingen in de snel veranderende life sciences industrie? Wil je je carrière zo sturen dat het optimaal profiteert van dit veranderende landschap? Dan is de BioBusiness Winter Retreat, van 11 - 13 december in Gent, misschien wel de juiste cursus voor jou!

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Expand your insights in BioBusiness

Are you a PhD candidate, postdoctoral fellow or (young) professional eager to learn more about the trends & developments of the fast-changing life sciences industry? Do you want to steer your career in such a way that it benefits the most form the changing landscape? Then the BioBusiness Winter Retreat, from 11-13 December in Ghent, might be the course for you!

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Expand your insights in BioBusiness
Would you like to advance yourself and your career in the BioBusiness? Do you want to increase your insights in the fast-moving Life Sciences industry and gain a better understanding of key success factors for biotech companies? Then join the first edition of the BioBusiness Winter Retreat from 11-13 December in Ghent and invest in your own development and professional career in Life Sciences.

This three-day course will expand your insight into the trends and development in the Life Sciences industry, give examples of new business models and discuss strategies for partnering, IPR and funding. Besides business topics, the program, featuring leading speakers and experts from the BioBusiness sector, also focuses on soft-skills and career development aspects. The unique immersive program will allow you to reflect on your career and steer it in such a way that it benefits the most from the changing Life Sciences landscape.

Register before the 15th of September 2018 in order to benefit from the early bird rate of €895 (excl. VAT). In most cases, this course can be financed from your personal budget since universities and companies value the development of their employees.
For more information and registration please visit our website: 

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