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25 job postings

Job posting

Category:Job posting
Price:€ 3125.00
VAT rate:21.00 %
VAT:€ 656.25
Price (VAT inc.):€ 3781.25
Invoice line:25 job postings

25 credits for BCF Career, save 37,5%!

• each posting 60 days online
• vacancy credit valid for 1 year
• included in the job alert

If you purchase this package, we add 25 credits to your account. These credits are valid for 1 year, and you can use them to publish one or several vacancies whenever it is convenient for you.
You can also use your one or more credits to upgrade your vacancy to a spotlight vacancy. To upgrade a vacancy to a spotlight vacancy, we charge 1 credit (2 in total per vacancy).

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