Where to look for funding and how are proposals evaluated?

In the current funding landscape it sometimes difficult to find and obtain grants which are interesting for early career researchers. Yet, grants are an important step forward to build an independent career in research. In this talk, I will address the most important national, regional and European grants for early career researchers. In addition, I will discuss the evaluation process of grant proposals at different organisations and how this influences the content and aim of your application. This will help you gain insight in which grants are interesting for you and what points you need to take into account when writing an application.

About Ansa Baykuş-Wasim

Public funding expert
Ansa Baykus-Wasim (PhD) has been involved in a diverse range of research projects throughout her career, thus acquiring an extensive hands-on knowledge of the field of Life Sciences. In addition, during her PhD, she contributed to the field of citizen science as a project manager of the outreach project the Flight Artists. After her PhD, she worked at the grant consultancy agency PNO Consultants and provided innovation management and grants advisory services to start-ups, multinationals, research institutes, individual scientists and other stakeholders in the LSH and Agri-Food sector. Currently, at NWO, she is involved in the program management of various funding programmes such as the Talent Scheme (Veni, Vici, Vidi), the public-private programme GROEN III and organisation of the Life Science with Industry workshop.


Ansa Baykuş-Wasim

Ansa Baykuş-Fiaz

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Thursday 15.00 - 17.30

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