You made it past the first round. What to expect and how to prepare for a grant interview.

Evaluators of many of the most important personal grant schemes use a two-step approach for evaluating proposals. First the written proposals are evaluated and ranked, after which a first cut is made. Those who make it through to the next phase are then invited for a personal interview in front of a panel of experts. After this session, you will know why interviews are used, how best to prepare and how you can present yourself to the best of your ability to obtain your personal grant.

Claudia Nicolaije
Claudia Nicolaije

11 March 2021
13.45 - 14.45

About Claudia Nicolaije

EU Grant Advisor and Grant Writer, UMC Utrecht
Claudia Nicolaije is a biomedical scientist with a PhD in Molecular Medicine from the Erasmus MC. She was a grant consultant at Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs for 10 years, before switching to the Research Support Office at the UMC Utrecht. Here she actively collaborates with individual scientists and consortia to obtain funding for their innovative research and technological developments. Supporting young researchers in obtaining funding for their own research lines and groups through individual grant schemes like VENI/VIDI/VICI and ERC grants, is an integral part of her daily work.

UMC Utrecht
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