Life lessions regarding successful grant applications & Ask your questions to an accomplished academic researcher

Prof. Jacco van Rheenen will present an overview of his experience in successfully receiving grants during his career, what helped him to secure funding, and how this enabled his career to progress from early stages to establishing his own group and research lines. Jacco will share his life lessons learned concerning grant applications and is looking forward to answer your questions in an interactive Q&A session following his introductory presentation in this session. Therefore, rather than just a pure presentation, Jacco will spend the time to have an interactive lecture where the audience can ask different types of questions. For example we can discuss how to apply for your first grant, how to apply for grants for consolidation of your research, and discuss how funding decisions are made in panels of funding bodies. Please prepare questions.

Jacco van Rheenen
Jacco van Rheenen

10 March 2021
15.15 - 16.30

About Prof. Jacco van Rheenen

Sr. group leader, Netherlands Cancer Institue (NKI) & Principle Investigator, Oncode Institute
Jacco van Rheenen started his group at the Hubrecht Institute in 2008, and developed techniques to film the behavior of single cells in living animals. In 2014 he was appointed professor in Intravital Microscopy at the UMC Utrecht, and in 2017 he became senior group leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam. Amongst many other grants, he received a NWO VIDI award and an ERC consolidator grant. Amongst others, he received the Stem Cells Young Investigator Award, the Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award, and the Ammodo Science Award. He is member of the KWF council.

Oncode Institute

Netherlands Cancer Instute
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