What you wear has much more impact than you think!

Should I wear a suit for a job interview? What colors do I wear when asking for an increase in my salary? What colors do I avoid for negotiations? How should I dress when presenting to a large group? And why does dress code matter at all?

What you wear has much more impact than you think! The way you dress has everything to do with expectations and credibility. When going for a job interview, attending an important meeting, holding negotiations, selling a product, … It is best to take a moment to think about how to dress in different professional situations.

About Laurence Boxus

Image and style coach, laurence boxus
Laurence Boxus has a master in industrial psychology and a career spanning over 15 years as executive assistant to CEO's and managers of international acclaim. Bringing together years of experience in the business world with extensive training in the world of image, color and style, Laurence knows as no other how best to enhance your image through a professional clothing style.

Laurence gives advice to professionals who consider clothing an added value to their image and appearance. She coaches them in developing a professional clothing style that is fully in line with their personality and that can help them achieve their career goals with even more confidence.

laurence boxus

Laurence Boxus

Laurance Boxus

laurence boxus

Hubert Van Eyckzaal
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