The Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products: an active partner in the world of medicines and health products

Who are we? What are our main contributions during the COVID 19 pandemic? What are our challenges and opportunites? How do we prepare for the future? Which profiles do we search for in the short term and in the future?

Greet Musch
Greet Musch


About Greet Musch

Mrs. Greet Musch is Industrial Pharmacist and obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at the Free University of Brussels. She joined the Pharmaceutical Industry (Research oriented) for 8 years where she was responsible for the chemical and pharmaceutical analytical activities related to the development of new innovative drugs. She moved to the Federal Public Health services as a senior quality assessor and assisted in several projects related to EMA/CHMP. Since August 2004 she was in charge of the R&D department within the Federal Agency of Medicines and Health Products in Belgium. From February 2009 she has been designed as Director-general for the DG Pre-authorisation. She is involved in different working groups related to unmet medical need, early acces and clinical research in a broad sense (ie member of the Clinical Trial Facilitation Group).

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