From Patients to Insights, to novel breakthrough Therapies

Janssen Research & Development seeks to bring innovative and effective treatments in six therapeutic areas of high unmet medical need. The Janssen campus in Beerse, has a unique ecosystem covering the complete drug development life cycle, with all capabilities from basic science to market access on one campus. These days, we consider the world our lab, and we are pairing internal with external innovation to access the best science. This includes research on novel modalities like RNA therapeutics and cell-therapy. Also in small molecule approaches we keep evolving continuously applying data sciences and automation. Insights in biological pathways obtained from clinical trials for one disease are translated into new targets and application in other diseases.

Harrie Gijsen
Harrie Gijsen


About Harrie Gijsen

Harrie Gijsen received his PhD at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands at the Department of Organic Chemistry in 1993. After postdoctoral studies in the USA at The Scripps Research Institute and Ohio State University, he joined the process chemistry department at DSM in the Netherlands. In 1998 he moved into medicinal chemistry at Janssen Pharmaceutica, and is currently leading part of the expanding discovery chemistry team in Beerse.

Janssen Pharmaceutica
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