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Eurofins Amatsigroup is a leading international Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) based in Europe. Eurofins Amatsgiroup focuses on drug product development for chemical/biological entities and drug substance development for biologics.
Eurofins Amatsigroup supports small and major biopharmaceutical companies in an innovative way to help them achieving their (pre)clinical milestones timely.

The company has a solid track record in developing and manufacturing New Biological Entities (NBE)/New Chemical Entities (NCE) which forms one of their strongest assets.
Eurofins Amatsigroup has expertise in-house in breakthrough technologies for highly potent compounds, poorly soluble drugs, lyophilisation processes and specific therapeutic areas.

Karine Clauwaert

About Karine Clauwaert

Director Business Development, Eurofins Amatsigroup
Karine Clauwaert is a Pharmacist by training. She obtained a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences at Ghent University. Since 2015 Karine is director business development at Eurofins Amatsgiroup. She scouts for new users of Eurofins Amatsigroup its CDMO services, provides quotations, negotiates contracts and follows up the projects with the customers. Karine worked from 2003 until 2015 for VIB as business development manager where she was responsible for proactive marketing of VIB technologies and for negotiating, drafting and concluding agreements between VIB and industry.
Before 2003 Karine was postdoc in the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences at Ghent University and she worked at Micromass Europe as a product specialist in the Benelux.

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