Moments of Impact: Your Passport for Success in Industry 4.0

Today’s Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by a fusion of emerging technology breakthroughs happening at exponential speed. Building adaptable and high performing venture teams/organizations , will be the most important challenge for future business leaders and they will be most successful when applying principles of collaboration and leveraging networks of complementary talent and skills. Simultaneously, individuals will engage in life-long learning and be shaping their own career paths. Careers will be portfolios of specific projects, assignments and experiences (“Moments of Impact”). Understanding this impact of human capital (talent), over access to financial capital, will drive value in Industry 4.0.

Kurt Hertogs

About Kurt Hertogs

Innovation & Transformation Expert, Graphene.Works
Kurt is and experienced Life Science and Healthcare professional, driven by a passion to develop impactful healthcare solutions through building and leading High Performing Teams.
He obtained his doctoral degree at the Catholic University of Leuven and started his professional career as a founding director of the biotech start-up Tibotec. He continued his career in different senior leadership positions within Johnson & Johnson and made significant contributions to J&J’s anti-infectives portfolio, which positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of HIV, HCV and TB patients. In 2013, Kurt joined the J&J Innovation Centre in London and became convinced that, to be successful, the development of future transformational (healthcare) solutions requires novel approaches away from classical siloed organizational models. In 2017, he founded his own company Graphene.Works to help shape this vision that future success will critically depend on the capability, and competencies of young and talented individuals to form novel collaborative (business) models to drive innovation and to continue to create value for society.

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