Different business models in drug development – experiences from a biotech executive

I will focus my talk on the different episodes at both Prosensa and Tusk. Ultimately both companies had a successful exit, but the road to get there was full of speedbumps and we lived through many ups and downs. Lessons learned, tips and tricks from my experiences and an illustration of the many challenges one can encounter in a biotech start-up will be discussed and highlighted. At the end, I will also showcase different models to start a company and highlight one of my other companies, Pharvaris BV, that is currently active in developing a new therapy for a rare disease but was set-up according to a more atypical business model.

Luc Dochez

About Luc Dochez

Luc Dochez has been Chief Executive Officer of Tusk Therapeutics since early 2015. He joined Tusk from Prosensa Holding N.V. where he served as Chief Business Officer for a period of seven years until its acquisition by BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President of Business Development at TiGenix, Director Business Development at Methexis Genomics, and a consultant at Arthur D. Little. Luc holds a Pharm.D. degree and a postgraduate degree in business economics from the University of Leuven (Belgium) and an MBA from Vlerick Management School (Belgium). Luc also serves on the Board of Directors of Erytech SA and Pharvaris BV and is a co-founder of Tusk Therapeutics, Pharvaris and EverImmune.
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