Life Sciences & Healthcare - Trends & Changing Landscape

With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, the life sciences sector continues to embark on a transformative technology journey. Companies, today, are preparing for the future by embracing these technologies and building a patient-centric culture. Strategic alliances and new operating models are also contributing to overall growth in the sector. With growth, comes some uncertainties, arising from pricing pressures, value-based contracting, geopolitical climate, and policy changes. But, companies are taking measures to withstand these challenges. This outlook reviews the current state of the global life sciences economy and explores the trends impacting life sciences companies as they Embrace, Build and Grow for the future. It also outlines a few suggestions for the stakeholders to address these uncertainties and the strategies they need to adopt to thrive in the coming year.

Michel de Ridder

About Michel de Ridder

Partner, Deloitte
Michel is a partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory with a main focus on the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry, leading the quality and compliance services for lifesciences & healthcare. His experiences is focused on building trust and compliance related to quality of products and services,
successfully executing regulatory transformations and creating value by reducing cost of quality and compliance and applying risk intelligent strategy.
In the last 15 years he advised several companies in strategic risk management, IT governance, project quality assurance, internal controls, regulatory compliance, Quality Management Systems and system validation.
For different of his clients, Michel supported management to make strategic choices and develop a vision and strategy to improve the quality, compliance and the efficiency of processes, organisation and projects.
Within his career, Michel had the chance to work in different areas from R&D to commercial as well as in supporting functions such as IT and quality & compliance departments.

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