Flash Forward into your Future Career - expect the unexpected!

Nearly graduated and ready to kick off your career, ready for your first job! But will that job last for 10 years? Are you aware that by 2030 about 50 % of the jobs will be jobs you do not know yet? Automation, robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence ... will all have a huge impact on your future career. Traditional career models are history!
Will you be able to keep up with the tsunami of technological innovations? How will you remain relevant and employable in the labour market? Which skills are future-proof? Which new ones should you learn? Will it be upskilling or reskilling?
Are you agile enough to work in an increasingly fast-changing world? This keynote wants to guide you through the jungle of future opportunities and challenges.
Be there!

Hilde De Brauw

11.40 - 12.10

About Hilde & Passion for work

After 10 fun years in television, I opted for a complete career switch.
I decided to make 'people' my profession. People fascinate me!
I rejoice when people discover themselves, flourish and grow so that they regain full power and positive energy in life.
20 years of HR and labour market expertise, a tremendous love for language and writing and passionate fan of a healthy life style.

Passion for work is the career coaching agency supporting the BCF Career Event Belgium. Next to a session in the programme, they will also be available for 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Read all about it here!

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