How to prepare for the job interview

Passing a job interview is a pivotal moment in one’s career. So, you’d better be prepared. And that is what Rik De Greef will do during his talk: what are the do’s and the don’ts for the interview, what is the interviewer looking for, what are the most common or difficult questions, and how address them. At the end of the session a Q&A session with the attendees is foreseen.

Rik De Greef
Rik De Greef
My Future Works

15.00 - 15.30 

About Rik De Greef

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Rik de Greef is living his third professional life: after six years in research (PhD in pharmaceutical sciences) and 15 years in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry (from medical representative to business unit director) he is now since 2000 active as coach, both individual ’management’ coaching, team coaching and career guidance. “Career coaching is mapping your career on the roadmap of your life. Starting from who you are and where your talents lie, we will design the ‘realistic daydream’ of your professional future. Next we will bring that dream into reality by a specific action plan.”. Rik coaches pragmatically, reflective when appropriate and stimulating when needed. My talents: architect of strengths, structure finder, growth engine, past/present connector, loyal friend. (cfr. Talenttoolbox L. Dewulf en P. Beschuyt).

My Future Works
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