Business models in Bioscience & Partnering strategies in BioBusiness

Business models in Bioscience
In this session, we will delve into the range of business models in bioscience by working through a specific case example in oncology preclinical research. We will start by explaining how certain industry and scientific drivers have created today’s networked R&D ecosystem. We will then look at the business models of the different types of researchers (big pharma, established biotech, academic spinout) and their service providers in outsourced pharmacology studies (full service preclinical CRO, pure play pharmacology CRO, marketplace).

Partnering strategies in BioBusiness
Following on from the previous session’s explanation of the networked R&D ecosystem, in this session we look at the different kinds of partnering strategies employed by the various players in this space. We will introduce some theoretical concepts (alliance archetypes, partnership interaction models) and illustrate using press releases of real R&D alliances.

Robert Thong

About Robert Thong

CBO, Repositive
Robert leads business development and commercial operations at Repositive, a UK company building global marketplaces for genomics-rich research tools, services and data. He specialises in the partnerships that biopharma companies maintain with drug discovery companies, CROs and digital health firms. Previously an independent adviser, Thong’s book, Biopharma R&D Partnerships, was published in January 2016, based on his practical experiences with 40 different organisations. His earlier roles include leading the Capgemini Life Sciences Group and Datamonitor’s Healthcare Division, as well as being a non-executive director of the NYSE-listed pharmaceutical company Alpharma Inc.

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