Introduction lecture: setting the landscape

From science to value: VIB and its role in the Belgian life sciences ecosystem
VIB is a dedicated life sciences research institute with a twofold mission: conduct frontline research in life sciences and translate the results arising from this innovative research into value for society. The presentation will elaborate on the Belgian life science landscape and the role VIB has played and continues to play in building and supporting this dynamic ecosystem.

Tony Montoye

About Tony Montoye

Business Development Manager, VIB
Mr. Montoye holds a PhD in biomedical sciences from VIB/Ghent University focussed on co-development of novel technologies to detect intracellular protein-protein interactions. Shortly after, Mr. Montoye joined the founding team of Trinean, an instrumentation company founded as a spin-off from the University of Ghent and IMEC where he had over a period of 10 years different positions from lead application scientist to member of the Management Team as Global Marketing and EU Sales Manager. Upon the acquisition and integration of Trinean within the US-based company Unchained Labs, Mr.Montoye joined the VIB Business and Innovation team as Business Development Manager.

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