Use your network and find a job through LinkedIn

First and foremost

First, fill your profile as completely as possible, and when you’re finished compare your LinkedIn profile to your CV, are all the dates and job titles the same? It is important to be consistent.
The most important part of your profile is the summary. Therefore it is important that you pay extra attention. You can see the summary as the online version of your elevator pitch, so it has to be engaging. Your goal is to quickly inform the reader about who you are and what you are searching for. In your summary you should describe your specialties, competencies and your current tasks and responsibilities and you should indicate which function you are looking for.
Also make sure you add your current position with a detailed description, clearly state your function, your responsibilities, your tasks and your accomplishments. Also clearly illustrate your added value to your current employer

Optimise for recruiters

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

When filling in your LinkedIn profile with the purpose to be found by recruiters, the first thing you have to do is to indicate in your ‘headline‘ that you are available for new career opportunities.
Next you have to know how recruiters use LinkedIn when they are searching for personnel. You have to remember that recruiters have sophisticated search functions on LinkedIn. They can set search terms and filters, and they will easily find profiles that match their job requirements. These search results are ranked based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections. How high you end up in this list of results is based on several factors. One of which is your network size, the larger your network, the bigger the chance that your profile ends up high in the search results. Next to your network, recommendations also affect your ranking positively. A profile with recommendations scores higher in search results. So don’t be embarrassed and ask, for example, colleagues to fill in honest recommendations for you.
When you have done all this, also have a look at the following checklist, so you don’t make any rookie mistakes.


  •  Do I have a good professional headshot?
  •  Is my tagline correct and does it say ‘open to new opportunities’ ?
  •  Are my privacy settings set to ‘public’ especially the summary and experience section?
  •  Is the title filled with relevant keywords next to my profile picture? 
  •  Is my location or target location filled in?
  •  Is the url adjusted with my own name? 
  •  Is the sector I filled in the sector I want to be active in? 
  •  Is my work experience filled in completely? 
  •  Is my education filled in completely?
  •  Are there relevant projects, publications, organisations, titles and prizes, courses and/or certifications that I need to fill in?


If the checklist is complete your profile is already well on its way to help you get a job. Now that it is complete you should have someone check your profile, so there are no spelling mistakes.
A final tip, It is important to be active on LinkedIn, every day, since this shows recruiters that you are paying attention to LinkedIn.

The better and more complete your profile, the better you can be found on LinkedIn.
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