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For our client TNO Sustainable Process & Energy Systems we are searching for an Engineer to build a R&D lab.

Do you want to work on the development of process flow diagrams, control strategy, equipment list, safety assessment, technical requirements development ?
TNO will coordinate the building of 2 news labs and definition and ordering of equipment/set-ups is to be realized before 31 December 2020:

  • Negative emissions laboratory: technologies involved are absorption and adsorption, electrochemical regeneration. CO2 utilization towards formaldehyde;
  • A fieldlab industrial electrification, located in Rotterdam: this is about Conversion equipment for CO2 and hydrogen to chemicals/fuels, Equipment for direct conversion of CO2 to chemicals/fuels and Equipment for efficient & flexible Power to Heat.

We are looking for several experienced process engineers that can help realize these labs.


Expertise and Experience required:

  • Background in chemical engineering or mechanical engineering
  • At least 5 years of experience in process engineering, process design
  • Knowledge in EU Directives and certificates for equipment is required
  • Experience in suppliers identification, evaluation and selection (supporting procurement process)
  • The candidate needs to have a strong (proven) interest in scaling up innovative technologies
We'll look at it differently than we normally look at people. What we especially look at is (a) can that person do the engineering-like things we want? (b) does that person also want to commit himself mentally to that, (c) do we expect that person to be able to work well in a team? So we don't have a problem with people who are overqualified, as long as they comply with the things mentioned.
Furthermore, it is useful if we make a team with different knowledge/experience. We don't know exactly how things are going to go, and (as a team) a broad experience is then useful/flexible.
Our idea is that these people will work physically in 1 (large) space, the RED-room. We then come in once or twice a day for 1 hour to guide the team. Start asap.

Company profile

The diverse background in (bio-)process engineering, gas capture and treatment, and thermal energy at TNO gives them a strong position to work towards a sustainable industry and society. Together with their partners, they set the goal to create new technologies and processes that benefit people & our planet, without compromising profit.

Three areas of their current interest are:

  • Green chemistry, where they look at utilization of biobased feedstock for production of chemicals and at sustainable chemical processing, e.g. electrochemical conversions.
  • Gas treatment, which provides solutions, for the production of renewable gases (biogas, syngas, hydrogen, etc.) and for the capture and utilization of CO2.
  • Thermal energy, which covers both energy conversion to heat (and back) as well as heat storage.
Within these areas they create optimised & efficient processes, develop high-performing prototypes, and transfer their knowledge so their partners and clients will gain that competitive edge. This can take the form of sub-systems, but also of complete, integrated setups. In addition, they can arrange benchmarking and test compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.


Interested? Send us (CLS Services) a detailed curriculum vitae, accompanied by an application letter indicating your motivation. Please use our online application form.




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