Lab Manager / Technician

Lab Manager role in vibrant Cell & Gene therapy company.


This employee will be critical for the day-to-day lab-administrative and technical support work for NanoCell Therapeutics B.V., which conducts its R&D activities in the labs at the University of Utrecht and the University Medical Center Utrecht. The successful candidate should have a working understanding of molecular and cellular biology and familiarity with immunology. Prior experience in lab management is required. Prior experience in DNA subcloning, cell culture and T cell-based immunotherapy strategies are highly desirable. The successful candidate will primarily be responsible for managing NanoCell’s lab activities, and secondarily serve in the capacity of lab technician in support of NanoCell’s scientific staff and leadership team. The successful candidate is highly organized and process-oriented, and should be able to discuss and present their findings in an efficient manner with other personnel. The successful candidate also has a strong team spirit, while being able to multitask in a high-paced working environment.

Primary duties:

  • Leading the general organization of NanoCell’s labs and maintenance of supplies and equipment
  • Leading the organization and maintenance of various electronic inventory/archive lists

Secondary duties:

  • Assist in molecular biology lab work.
  • Support in SDS-PAGE and western blotting work.
  • Purifying, culturing and analyzing various hematopoietic cell types.
  • Helping in the performance of cell-based assays to assess functional characteristics of gene-modified T cells, including activation, cytokine, cytotoxicity and viability assays.
  • Supporting development of in vitro cellular and in vivo animal models to assess T cell delivery, anti-tumor specificity and overall safety of expanded and gene-modified T cells and other cytotoxic immune effector cells.
  • Preparation and presentation of technical reports summarizing experimental results.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or Dutch HLO/HBO equivalent) in Immunology, Molecular Biology, or Cell Biology.
  • At least 2 years of relevant industrial or academic experience in lab management.
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture (particularly 1° immune cells) and use of non-viral and/or viral vectors to introduce genetic material into cells.
  • Experience with immunological assays, including flow cytometry (and associated analysis software) and cell functional assays.
  • Ability to work as part of a team with proven ability to effectively plan and organize work activities and prioritize task completion to meet schedules and deadlines.
  • Strong communication skills in English; both written and verbal.


NanoCell Therapeutics B.V. offers a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Company profile

NanoCell Therapeutics B.V. (NanoCell) is currently seeking an experienced and motivated Lab Manager / Technician as a key member of the Company’s R&D team. Acting at the frontier of Cell & Gene Therapy, NanoCell is developing a breakthrough platform technology for in vivo cell engineering. NanoCell’s cutting-edge technology platform combines cell-directed polymeric nanoparticles, proprietary miniaturized (“minicircle” (MC)) plasmid DNA technology and non-viral transposon-based gene transfer technology. NanoCell’s vision is to make cell & gene therapies truly affordable, scalable and widely accessible to all countries across various disease areas.


To apply please contact:

Location Utrecht, the Netherlands
Lab Manager / Technician

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