Process engineer separation technology Sales and Applications

chemical engineering CO2 reduction separation


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For our client Pervatech we are searching for a Process engineer separation technology Sales and Applications.

  • M.Sc. Chemical Engineering
  • Separation Technology
  • Distillation
  • Membrane processes
  • Customer focus

We are looking for a Process Engineer with experience in separation technology for Pervatech. Pervatech is strong in separation solutions in clean and energy efficient technology that is important for the future of our society. Reduction in CO2 emissions in the industry can be achieved by smart integration of separation technologies and process intensification. Furthermore, reuse of (raw) materials in a circular economy is essential for the sustainability of our world. The innovative pervaporation membrane technology of Pervatech, developed in Twente, contributes to these objectives. Their technology is used worldwide (>60 countries) in, for example, the process industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry.
The duties and responsibilities include:
  • Technical sales of pervaporation technology. This includes translation of a problem description from industry into a solid technical-commercial proposition. Attention to optimisation of energy consumption, separation performance and costs is the basis here, e.g. process intensification by integration of distillation and pervaporation into a hybrid process;
  • Creating PFDs, P&IDs and other documentation;
  • Providing guidance, both in start-up and support, in (pilot)-projects at customers. Pervatech provides pilot installations which can be rented by customers on-site to be used in their scale-up projects. Guidance is necessary during start-up and during the experimentation phase, and the customer can rely on your expertise with regards to application advice and troubleshooting. These activities are international;
  • Application research of pervaporation in their own application laboratory. Application studies are carried out for customers, as well as, for their own application database. You will convert the objectives and results of these studies in to commercial advice and engineering - or application studies;
  • Maintaining and expanding market knowledge and technology developments in the field of separation technologies.


We are looking for an experienced chemical process engineer in the separation technologies field, preferrably in the field of distillation and membrane processes. You have an M.Sc. with at least 2-4 years of relevant experience.
Other requirements are:
  • You are able to translate, in a clear manner, a case description into a technological problem statement and solution;
  • You recognise new opportunities for Pervatech, and take the initiative to convert these into new projects, technology, and business;
  • Commercial experience, or affinity, in a technologically substantive role;
  • Able to work independently and in a team;
  • Internationally oriented with a feeling for other cultures;
  • Sound knowledge of the English language is required;
  • Good communication skills tailored to various disciplines (e.g. process engineers, plant managers, and scientists);
  • A positive and pro-active attitude, with a healthy dose of responsibility.

Company profile

Pervatech produces cutting edge membranes, membrane modules and test systems for pervaporation, vapour permeation and gas separation applications.
Located in Rijssen, the Netherlands close to the University of Twente, their highly motivated team works closely together with customers all over the world to find solutions for demanding separation processes where their technology has substantial advantages over existing solutions.
The company ’s core activities are the development, production and marketing & sales of ceramic membranes for both hydrophilic and organophilic separation processes. Scientific co-operation with leading Universities and Institutions, both nationally and abroad secures today’s and tomorrow’s ceramic membranes with superior characteristics.
Their products are increasingly used in the chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Typical applications include:
  • Dehydration of solvents;
  • Azeotrope separation;
  • The enhancement of chemical condensation reactions in aggressive environments.
Their membranes are stable in water at high temperatures, in (a)protic solvents and in the presence of acids and can be used both in stand-alone solutions and in add-on hybrid systems.


Interested? Send us (CLS Services) a detailed curriculum vitae, accompanied by an application letter indicating your motivation. Please use our online application form.
Location Rijsen
Process engineer separation technology Sales and Applications

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