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Janssen’s Cutting Edge CAR-T Therapy: A Testament to Innovative Research and Development

In the fast-paced world of scientific advancements, we stand at the forefront of improving patient’s lives through innovative research and development. We achieve this by identifying the challenges of tomorrow. To do this, we can count on over 5000 dedicated employees in Belgium and a global presence spanning more than 265 operational companies across 60 countries.

In this joint effort, we never stop creating a future where disease is a thing of the past. We aim to transform lives by finding new and better ways to prevent, intercept, treat and cure disease. We reach this aim by bringing together the best minds and pursue the most promising science.

Advancing our Care
These best minds, accompanied by external partners, strive for new medical breakthroughs, and develop treatments and vaccines for some of the most devastating disorders and complex medical challenges. We focus on areas of medicine where we can make the biggest difference: Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular & Metabolism, Neuroscience and Pulmonary Hypertension. A shining example of our innovative prowess is chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell therapy, or CAR-T therapy, a groundbreaking approach to treating various diseases, specifically in oncological personalized care.

CAR-T Therapy: Revolutionizing Medicine
With CAR-T therapy, we are spearheading the transformation of cancer treatment. This novel cell therapy harnesses the patient’s own immune system to combat cancer. In this specific form of cell therapy, we collect the patient’s T-cells and engineer them into CAR-T cells, capable of precisely targeting and destroying the patient’s cancer cells.

This highly personalized therapeutic approach is fueled by cutting-edge technology, offering new hope to patients for whom other treatments have proven insufficient. CAR-T therapy is a testament to our unwavering belief in personalized care, understanding that one size does not fit all. Our treatments and medications are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring they receive the care that suits them best.

The Innovative Power of Belgium
Our choice to establish a state-of-the-art European production facility for CAR-T therapy in Belgium underscores our recognition of the local life sciences ecosystem, renowned worldwide for its innovative spirit. The development and production of transformative therapies like CAR-T cell therapy demand innovative strength and collaboration, and Belgium offers the infrastructure and talent essential for this ambitious endeavor.

Hence, we are wholeheartedly committed to enhancing our capacity for CAR-T treatments in Belgium. Currently, Janssen is in the process of developing cutting-edge, state-of-theart facilities for CAR-T therapy production in Ghent. Furthermore, various CAR-T-related initiatives also take place at our site in Beerse.

Innovation seeks Talent
Do you envision a future for yourself within the innovative pharmaceutical industry where, together, we can create real impact on the health of patients worldwide? A future where you work in an international environment and where you can continue to develop yourself? A future at a value-driven company that pays attention to people, the environment and society? In short, a future where we can make a difference together? Then be sure to check out our current vacancies at and seize your chance to join us in shaping the future of healthcare.

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