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Written by: Haifen Hu, Director of Hyphen Projects and Founder of BCF Career Event

For the first time in a very long time, we can meet each other face-to-face again at BCF Career Event on 6 October in Jaarbeurs Utrecht! And boy, have we been looking forward to this!

While our country is starting to open-up again after the semi-lockdown of more than 18 months, the economy is recovering faster than expected and the unemployment rates have dropped to pre-covid levels, we should realize that this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the relentless efforts of professionals who have worked tirelessly to get the COVID-19 vaccines with a record speed from the lab to all of us. More than ever society has witnessed the impact of innovation from the Life Sciences sector, a thrilling industry with companies and research institutes that are working at the forefront of innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

If you want to build a fulfilling career in this Life Sciences sector and you are looking for a job in which you can have an important societal impact, then BCF Career Event is the right place to go to. At BCF Career Event you can come in contact with the companies that are behind these innovations. You can meet them at the exhibition floor and talk to their employees personally at their booth, and find out more about their company activities, their mission and their company culture and see if you have a good fit with them. You will discover that there are many different types of jobs available in this sector, ranging from research, to clinical, to regulatory, to sales, to marketing and much more. Perhaps in the beginning it feels a bit uneasy to step up to a stranger and to start a conversation, but keep in mind that they are here to meet you and that they are more than happy to engage with you and answer your questions.

For our company Hyphen Projects, the COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented major impact. Our core business, which is all about connecting people through in-person meetings, was disrupted completely. But it also made us determined and resourceful to find other ways to achieve our company mission, which is ‘Moving careers forward in Life Sciences’. Thanks to resolve, focus and team work, we not only managed to move our events and meetings online in a short time span, but we even launched new platforms and new events during the pandemic. During the pandemic we have renewed and redesigned the BCF Career website, the career platform that helps you year-round with your career development through career tips, information, blogs, vacancies, employer profiles and much more. We have created a network of enthousiastic external contributors who are willing to share their insights via periodic blogs and articlees. Another initiative created in this past year, is TOPX Network - the platform that promote diversity and inclusion and connects women in Life Sciences – and the annual TOPX Summit, the career development & empowerment summit for ambitious women in Life Sciences.

Everything has two sides, depending on how you look at it. When looking at the bright side, the pandemic can be seen a big catalyst for innovation, not only for the Life Sciences as an industry, or for an individual company such as Hyphen Projects, but it can also be a catalyst for your career. So, take this opportunity to discover your career path in Life Sciences with both hands!


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