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Oprichting Biotech Booster: Nieuwe mijlpaal in Nederland biotechnologie

The Biotech Booster project, supported by a €246 million allocation from the National Growth Fund, is taking a groundbreaking approach to enhance the valorisation of biotechnology knowledge in the Netherlands. While the country leads in biotechnology publications and patents, the translation into market-reaching applications lags behind. Biotech Booster identifies, guides, and financially supports promising early-stage ideas, often originating from knowledge institutions but also from businesses and organizations. Teams of researchers and entrepreneurs collaborate to explore and substantiate the societal and commercial value of these ideas. This initiative aims to boost biotech entrepreneurship, resulting in increased economic activity and more biotech applications. The establishment of the Biotech Booster Foundation and Biotech Booster BV signifies a critical step in program execution, with Nettie Buitelaar, a seasoned biotech industry leader, at the helm. The initiative is set to kick off with the submission of project ideas in March 2024. Read the full press release here: 
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