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€1,000 award for the best PhD Poster at Innovation for Health 2024

Breaking Barriers, Igniting Innovation: Highlights from Innovation for Health 2024 Poster Presentation & The winner of this year

Innovation for Health 2024, a dynamic convergence of healthcare innovators, researchers, and industry leaders, recently took center stage on March 28th at de Doelen ICC Rotterdam, offering a vibrant platform for PhDs and postdoctoral researchers to showcase their pioneering work. Amidst the bustling atmosphere of collaboration and discovery, the Poster Presentations emerged as a highlight, providing a glimpse into the diverse and groundbreaking research shaping the future of healthcare.

Thirteen exceptional PhDs and postdocs, representing a myriad of institutions, seized the opportunity to present their research findings to a captivated audience. The Poster Walk, a cornerstone of the conference, offered attendees the chance to engage directly with these emerging scholars, delving into the intricacies of their projects and exchanging insights that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Amongst a gathering of these brilliant minds, Astrid van Barneveld, a dedicated PhD Candidate hailing from the prestigious Princess Máxima Center, emerged triumphant as the recipient of the Poster Presentation Award. van Barneveld's exceptional research, titled "Validating Process Mining in Pediatric Oncology: Analysis of Protocol Adherence and Variability in Neuroblastoma Treatment," stood out amidst a sea of impressive submissions.

Van Barneveld's research delves into the intricate realm of pediatric oncology, specifically focusing on neuroblastoma treatment. Neuroblastoma, a rare and complex form of childhood cancer, poses unique challenges in terms of treatment protocols and variability. By leveraging the innovative technique of process mining, van Barneveld aims to illuminate the intricacies of treatment processes, shedding light on protocol adherence and variability. This meticulous analysis holds the promise of optimizing treatment strategies, ultimately enhancing outcomes and quality of life for pediatric oncology patients.

In her abstract, van Barneveld provides a glimpse into the depth and significance of her research. She explores the utilization of process mining techniques to extract valuable insights from the vast troves of data generated within pediatric oncology settings. Through meticulous analysis, she seeks to identify patterns of protocol adherence and deviations, unraveling the complex interplay of clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. Such insights are invaluable in informing evidence-based practice, driving continuous improvement in pediatric oncology care delivery.

One key player which has a pivotal role in elevating the impact of the Poster Presentations is no other than Genmab, a trailblazing biotechnology company committed to advancing innovative therapies for cancer and other diseases. Through sponsoring the Poster Presentation Award 2024, Genmab not only provided critical support for the next generation of scientists but also underscored their dedication to fostering collaboration and driving forward scientific discovery.

The recognition bestowed upon this year’s winner Astrid van Barneveld and her peers underscores the importance of platforms like Innovation for Health in nurturing talent, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and catalyzing transformative advancements in healthcare. As these emerging scholars continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, the future of healthcare shines ever brighter, fueled by curiosity, collaboration, and a shared dedication to improving patient outcomes.

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