BCF Career Event

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BCF Career Event are the largest career events in the Netherlands and Belgium for highly educated talents in Life Sciences. Will you be there?

BCF Career Event Netherlands - 14 May 2020 - Jaarbeurs Utrecht - 2,000+ participants
BCF Career Event Belgium - 12 November 2020 - Ghent ICC - 1,200+ participants

We also organise a career event for MBO- and HBO level candidates:
BCF Career Event WeSt - November 2020 - Hogeschool Leiden - 300-400 participants

BCF Career Event

BCF Career Event helps you to

>> increase exposure & strengthen your employer brand;
>> recruit talent through personal contact;
>> build & maintain your network: jobseekers, associations, recruitment agencies and other employers.


“We like to attend the BCF Career Event as it is one of the major events to connect with scientific talent. We hope to find talents who want to join our organisation.”

“As recruitment agency in the field of Chemistry & Life Sciences, there is a direct link with the BCF Career Event. Being the main sponsor for many years now helps us target the right audience and this brings us more brand awareness, candidates and contacts.”



BCF Career Event
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