Nazma Ilahibaks

PhD Candidate, University Medical Center Utrecht

Nazma Ilahibaks is a PhD Candidate at UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands. She graduated cum laude with her Master’s degree in Drug Innovation where she found a nanotechnology enabling therapeutic protein-based loading and delivery in our bodies’ own nanocarriers. This led to Ph.D. offer financed by the public-private partnership grant of the Dutch Heart Foundation. Her research specializes in the therapeutic development of nanomedicine combined with CRISPR-Cas9 gene therapy to prevent adverse cardiac events in high-risk patients. Her entrepreneurial spirit is dedicated to improve people’s life quality and -span through biomedical innovation. Her mindset is to keep broadening her horizons by reading, conducting business, traveling, organizing events – and as an external editorial contributor communicating about science-based innovations, entrepreneurship, and (female) leadership.
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