Abbott Laboratories BV

Abbott Laboratories BV


Address:Rieteweg 21
Postal code:8041 AJ

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Number of employees

2000 in The Netherlands

Active in sectors

Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food, Pharma

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General company profile

At the heart of Abbott is our Promise for Life — a statement that underscores our company's commitment to our patients, employees, shareholders, and others who depend on us in their pursuit of healthy lives.

Our products positively impact the health of millions of patients worldwide. You may even know someone who has used Humira®, Synthroid®, FreeStyle®, Similac®, Ensure®, to name just a few of our products.

Company activities:

Through steadfast leadership and the spirit and personal commitment of our employees, we've built a world-class company that delivers products that encircle life, from newborns to aging adults, from nutrition and diagnostics to medical care and pharmaceutical therapy.

Delivering those products starts with having a core set of values. Those values — pioneering, achieving, caring, and enduring — have enabled us to get to where we are today, and they will continue to guide our behaviors and decisions as we work to advance leading-edge science and technologies, support diversity, focus on exceptional performance, and earn the trust of those we serve.

We are looking for

Abbott is rapidly growing, also in the Netherlands. We are interested in meeting professionals with a back ground in Quality Assurance and Control, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, Supply Chain Management and Finance.
The overview for featured jobs can be found at

What we have to offer

When you work for Abbott, you make a difference in the lives of others. Our employees work in a dynamic environment that inspires innovation, caring, and sustained achievements by individual employees and teams.

We offer a wide range of career opportunities that align with a diverse spectrum of health care products, from pharmaceuticals to medical devices to nutritionals.
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