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MRC-Holland is een jong en dynamisch biotechnologiebedrijf gevestigd op een mooie locatie in de Baarsjes, Amsterdam. MRC-Holland bestaat uit een multinationaal team van zo’n 35 medewerkers. In januari 2002 heeft MRC-Holland de Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) techniek geïntroduceerd: een gevoelige methode om kopieaantal veranderingen in genen vast te stellen. Met MLPA kunnen erfelijke ziekten worden vastgesteld en genetische veranderingen in tumoren worden onderzocht. Onze MLPA producten worden wereldwijd door honderden laboratoria en ziekenhuizen gebruikt.

Company activities:

‘Simple tests to help with difficult decisions’

For decades, laboratories have assisted physicians in making decisions on the treatment of patients. Genetic analysis offers tremendous opportunities for the diagnosis of diseases, but is often complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

We provide simple, high quality tools for genetic analysis at reasonable prices. Our products enable quick answers to questions like: what is the prognosis of this mentally retarded child? How should this tumor be treated? What is the chance that a next child in this family will have the same disorder?

MRC-Holland has a strong position in DNA diagnostics and will extend its focus to developing products for tumor characterization.

We are looking for

Molecular / Medical Biologist

MRC-Holland is always looking for enthusiastic, recently graduated, molecular / medical biologists (Master or Bachelor degree).

We have jobs available in R&D for the development of new SALSA MLPA kits from identifying hereditary diseases to investigating genetic alterations in tumors. Our products are usually developed in close contact with scientists worldwide.

What we have to offer

MRC-Holland offers a young and dynamic working environment with excellent connections to academic labs worldwide. An opportunity to develop products that can make a difference in a patient’s life.
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