AUSY, a Randstad company

AUSY, a Randstad company

Name organisation

AUSY, a Randstad company


Keizer Karellaan 586, 1082 Sint-Agatha-Berchem

Name contactperson

Dennis Dreesen


Phone number

+31(0)3 200 28 01

Number of locations:



Number of employees


Active in sectors

Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food, Pharma

Type of organisation

Recruitment office

General company profile

We move professionals and connect their ambitions to the needs of organisations. The passionate and innovative people-oriented approach of our experts insures growth of all parties concerned. Our day to day challenge is creating the perfect match. Through expertise, care and personal commitment we build lasting relationships of trust. We continuously strive for perfection and satisfaction.

Company activities:

Looking for a permanent position? Great! At Randstad Professionals, you can find one in a form that completely suits your personal preferences.

Work on the payroll of one of our clients.
Interested in one of our vacancies at a multinational, a promising SME or a government agency? Go ahead and apply. We’ll talk the matter over and offer you coaching in a confidential, open atmosphere, and guide you to a permanent job that’s right for you.

Work as an employee of Randstad Professionals.
Although you want permanent work, are you wary of working for a single company? No problem: combine variety with job security. We’ll be happy to put you on the payroll at Randstad Professionals. You can then determine the pace of your career. We will outsource you for successive projects with our clients. It’s the ideal way to gain experience at top companies in a variety of sectors.

Work as a freelancer for our clients.
Randstad Professionals can arrange work for you as a freelancer with top companies.

We are looking for

We are looking for highly qualified and talented specialists in engineering, ICT, finance, Life Sciences, HR , sales & marketing.

What we have to offer

Guidance by an expert in talent management and project sourcing, Randstad is more than just recruitment. Since 1994 we’ve offered an additional service through Randstad Professionals to multinationals and leading companies: a quality network of highly qualified professionals who can take on specific expert roles.

Randstad Professionals is itself an expert in your field, as a partner to many leading companies, Randstad Professionals knows the market inside out.

Our career coaches help you to find work at your level, our recruiters have a feel for and experience in your field. This translates into a personal approach: first we find out all about you, your abilities and your interests through tests and interviews. Then we together filter out the jobs and companies that really suit you.
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