Balans Laboratorium and Procestechniek

Balans Laboratorium and Procestechniek

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Jansbuitensingel 6-1
6811 AA Arnhem


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Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food, Pharma

Type of organisation

Recruitment office

General company profile

Balans mediates both starting and experienced professionals in their new position in a dependable and decisive way. As a specialist in the laboratory and process-technology sectors, Balans is a long-term partner to various organisations in the Netherlands. Our clients are found within the chemicals, foodstuffs, (medical) technology and pharmaceutical industries.

Company activities:

At Balans you'll find expert advisers with sharp instincts and an open-hearted approach. We are dedicated and transparent in our working methods and search very energetically for new challenges on your behalf. We believe that well-being and prosperity are not only promoted by the realisation of dreams and ambitions, but also by developing your talents. In short, a lifetime of progress. We call this ‘working towards your dreams’.

We are looking for

Are you a professional in the chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical or process industries and are you looking for a new challenge? Then register with Balans Laboratorium or Procestechniek at!

We're always looking for both starting and experienced candidates. At Balans you'll find jobs like lab technician, analyst, process operator, process engineer, quality-control assistant and technician. But there are also positions for managers, team leaders and senior analysts and engineers. Whether you've got your heart set on a management position or a job on the work floor, Balans will sit down with you to carefully consider your wishes and the various possibilities.

What we have to offer

At you will always find the latest vacancies for permanent and temporary positions, from junior to senior level. Follow us on twitter: @BalansGroep. Or check out Balans on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

With our expertise, business contacts and innovative instruments, Balans will find the career challenge you're looking for. We will always provide you with meticulous information about the position and the organisation. All so you enjoy the best coaching during the application process.
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