Increase diversity

TOPX Network

Female professionals make up a big part of the workforce and talent pool in Life Sciences. But the higher you get to the top of organisations, the fewer women you will find. Many people feel this should change because we collectively believe that a more diverse and inclusive top will improve the performance of organisations! That is why we launched TOPX Network - the platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences. Our mission is to support and encourage our members in their personal growth and development and empower them on their way to the top of their career.

Supporting your female talent to reach the top

Do you also want to increase diversity at the top of your organisation? Would you like to support your female employees in their career development? Then join TOPX Network as a Corporate Partner and give your female top talents access to this valuable network of female leaders and women with leadership ambitions in Life Sciences! TOPX helps them build a sound and valuable network, offers various expert meetings and the annual TOPX Summit. For more information about TOPX Network and the corporate partnership options go to our website.

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