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BCFcareer.com is a platform that offers year-round content for professionals in Life Sciences: such as job application advice, interviews with professionals, first aid for career switches, tips and tricks for living abroad and much more. In addition, you can also find vacancies for starters and professionals, read employer profiles and find information about career-related events and courses.
With that, the three initial BCF products: BCF Career Event, BCFjobs and BCF Career Guide, are brought together under one unifying platform: BCF Career.

Did you know that the content of BCF Insights is written for and by professionals from the sector? This way the content is 100% applicable for Life Scientists. But we cannot do it alone, so if you are enthusiastic about sharing your job experience, insights and advice with the Life Sciences community? Please contact the BCF Career team at info[at]bcfcareer.com.

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Hyphen Projects

Hyphen Projects dedicates itself to supporting students and professionals in the Life Sciences sector throughout their entire career. To this aim we offer orientation events such as the BCF Career Events to aid students in deciding on a career and to help professionals to land their next job. Furthermore we offer career advice to advance careers and an online job board where they can compare and find their dream job. Lastly we offer courses targeted at all different stages of one’s career to develop professionally and propel their career forward. We are staunch proponents and advocates of lifelong learning!

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